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01 February 2004 @ 12:22 am
Well, great. Natural Born Killers.  
Now, Natural Born Killers is on HBO2.

Poor Rachel suffered watching this with me during its theatrical release. It was quite amazing to me that she even continued speaking to me after watching it.

I, probably like many others before me, have often wondered what Quentin Tarantino's original screenplay would have been like had it been filmed. That screenplay, no doubt, is probably available out there somewhere.

Anyway, during the movie's opening barrage of murder and mayhem, I've found myself wondering what the odds would be that a backwater grease pit would have L7 in its jukebox--or, I suppose, it was just a figment of Mallory's imagination as she was going into red-line mode.

Initially, I just loved this movie. I bought the original VHS release, the two VHS cassette limited edition, I started driving around this rural area in a murde--oh wait, no, I didn't do that. Now, some ten years later, it's doubtful that I would've jumped into it as I once did. It's become difficult for me to watch, and while I've made it through a small part of it, I really don't think I could finish it now. As for my VHS copies of it, I could almost hide them in my freezer, like I used to do with my copy of Pet Sematary before I threw it out.

Where I was almost asleep at midnight, now I'm fully awake again, and flipping between the hysterically campy Prince of Darkness and the aforementioned Natural Born Killers.

I think it might be wise to call it a night and just turn everything off and hope to be drifting off to sleep with my teeth in my mouth.
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Current Music: Orbital - Walk Now. . .
Linde C.diverlinde on February 1st, 2004 04:55 am (UTC)
Ah...you seem to have been forced into the macabre zone :X
Michael: Zoloft AIM iconservermonkey on February 1st, 2004 05:14 am (UTC)
I would definitely agree, and am glad I went to bed shortly thereafter.