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30 January 2004 @ 12:05 am
Wait for it. . .Friday Five  
You have just won one million dollars:

1. Who do you call first? Rachel's parents. Mine wouldn't answer the phone.

2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself? Large screen TV.

3. What is the first thing you buy for someone else? Another home.

4. Do you give any away? Yes. If yes, to whom? To Rachel's mom and dad. You have no idea how much they've helped us out in the past.

5. Do you invest any? Yes, definitely. If so, how? Uh, any suggestions?
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: Robbie Williams - Beyond the Sea
simonluke26 on January 29th, 2004 09:18 pm (UTC)
hmmmmm... suggestions for investing. I'm going with a church you like and go to. Yup the church is a great investment!!!
(Anonymous) on January 29th, 2004 11:02 pm (UTC)
A Church... yes that would be good. Or you could just give some to me.
Michael: Goofy Grinservermonkey on January 30th, 2004 07:05 am (UTC)
You know, I think this is my first anonymous comment, ever.