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23 January 2004 @ 09:05 am
Yay! Covering in the lab.

Administrators usually tend to dislike paying me my salary to cover a computer lab. This, however, doesn't bother me in the least. A Friday that starts like this is fine by me.

Even staying up 'til nearly one in the morning wasting my time watching Ghost Ship didn't tire me out too much this morning. When I first saw ad slicks for Ghost Ship, I immediately thought of Death Ship--and not only because the posters were just about exactly the same, the premise was similar as well.

Funny, according to IMDB, the tagline for Death Ship is: "The Those who survive the ghost ship are better off dead!" If that's not a hook--I don't know what is!

When Death Ship was originally released, I remember my mom driving by one of the drive-ins in Miami and seeing part of it on the screen. This is the only reason I even remember Death Ship.

Re-animator is the same way--though it wasn't at the drive-in, it was playing at some twin theather in Hialeah, with some big U as its rating. At the time, the U rating didn't mean anything to me. Same thing with Day of the Dead, and Dawn of the Dead. Those two, however, were playing at yet another little twin theater just off of Palm Avenue. I could see the glowing lights of the marquee from our apartment.

How, and why I remember all this, I have no idea.
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