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14 December 2003 @ 03:58 pm
During lunch break, a constant beeping could be heard in the break room. It took the full thirty minutes to realize that the beeping was remarkably similar to the motion detectors from Aliens.

One of my nightmares while I used to work overnight at the hospital was zombie invasion. No, really. The hallways were so desolate and too creepy quiet. It was a habit to get up from time to time and check in on my lab department co-workers. You know, to ensure that they hadn't been zombie-fied.

It's probably a good thing those overnight shift days are long gone, though now I am on the lookout for hostile xenomorphs with acid for blood.

Last night, IFC had Ripley's Game on (you like that segue, don't you? Ellen Ripley, Tom Ripley, ha ha). I'd read about this Ripley movie a long while back, and then nothing. No hype about it, no coverage about it anywhere. Like Keyser Soze, it just up and disappeared. Now, Anthony Minghella was not involved in Ripley's Game at all, so if you go off looking for it, don't go into it expecting The Talented Mr. Ripley, this movie is nothing like that one. Not at all. While Ripley's Game was watchable, I can see why it disappeared. It was just hollow, didn't ring right. Something, I just can't express it properly. It's a shame too, because both John Malkovich, and Dougray Scott are pretty good.

Last bleh for now. R.E.M. will be on Friday's episode of Boston Public. Yes, Boston Public. Now, I love R.E.M., but I don't know how I feel about them on television, when it's not something like David Letterman or SNL.
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