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Things learned

It was very recently that my family and I took a trip to Amicalola Falls State Park in northern Georgia. Actually, now that I think on it that trip seems like long ago. One of the side effects of being on summer vacation is the way one perceives time. Anyway, that's not really my point. The point is that there were a few things I learned whilst on the trip. These things I now share with you--but, by all means, feel free to skip them (you probably already know what I'm just now discovering).

I. Georgian drivers (for the most part) can actually drive. A collision on the side of the road does not seem to affect Georgia drivers. Drivers in Florida (for the most part) absolutely, positively MUST pause and gawk at whatever is happening on the shoulders of the road. Of course, this may be something that I've totally forgotten on the Florida driver's exam. If so, then this point is moot. Sad if that's the case on my very first point, though.

II. People in Georgia seem to be altogether much friendlier than I expected. I was greeted with a "Mornin'!" or "Good day!" just about everywhere I was. This is a stark contrast to a visit to a small town in Virginia where Rachel, Abby and I were looked at like carnival freaks when we stopped by a Wal-Mart. Seriously, there was pointing and the distinct sounds of people's jaws dropping. Had TwitPic been around at that time, I could have provided visual evidence of this. Sadly, you'll have to take my word for it.

III. Eating at local restaurants was a much better experience that eating at any chain restaurants. This is one point that I'm quite likely to be the last to get on the boat about. One exception though: Bojangles is the best chicken and dirty rice EVAR! Okay, well maybe the best from a chain. Unfortunately, didn't get a chance to stop by a Bojangles.

IV. Nature, contrary to my urban upbringing, will not kill me. Well, perhaps I should clarify. Activities that involve getting outside for an extended period of time will not kill me. There are quite likely very many things in nature that would definitely kill me given the chance.

V. As a follow up to point IV, I felt much more comfortable in outdoor activities when I have my trusty Blackberry with me. Yes, this is very sad but there we are. Point V may also be rendered moot if said Blackberry loses charge whilst in the wilds of wherever I happen to be. A towel, however, isn't sufficient enough as a replacement for my BB.

VI. Despite my use of my Blackberry as a crutch to life, I did discover that I could indeed survive an extended trip without my other trusty non-familial companion: my laptop. Sure, I cheated and got online via BB and DSi but not nearly as much as if I'd had my laptop along for the trip...I shudder to think what going without tweeting would be like. Not sure when that happened.

VII. Following the GPS instructions to the letter will sometimes lead you to a gravel side road. While this side road might indeed have been the shortest path to get to Highway 429 (or whatever country road we were looking for at the time) it wasn’t much of a road per se. Thankfully, there were no instances of plowing into any lakes.

VIII. I mentioned spas before, but am mentioning them again. The sheer number of signs for spas in south Georgia was mind boggling. Spas with truck parking in the back. Hm.

IX. The news stations in Atlanta had some great looking anchors. The news that was covered: not so great. The story about the four kids that used Facebook to solve a theft of fundraising monies did catch my eye. All those kids needed was a talking Great Dane--or any sort of sidekick dog or mascot. Non-Georgia related: Jacksonville, Florida still has the oddest anchors I've seen to date.

X. I now find myself queuing up Georgia on My Mind in my internal soundtrack a lot more lately.

XI. When hiking or tubing, always, always, ALWAYS take the stick option. Any possible leverage when stuck on rocks in the creek is always one's friend. Teddy Roosevelt was definitely onto something.

I'll stop myself at eleven points 'cause I can't think of 84 more right now and I certainly can't think of where I'd nail them to in order to give my weak points that extra *OOMPH!* so that someone will actually read them.
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