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23 March 2009 @ 03:30 am
Previously on Server Monkey's Daily Twitterings  
  • 08:57 @Butcherbandanna Watch out for all the vampires walkin' through the valley. They're moving west down Ventura Boulevard. #
  • 08:58 @Butcherbandanna Queen/Metallica/PSB would have to be the oddest sound combination ever. #
  • 09:02 @rustyrockets And infinitely better aerodynamics and flight capabilities. #
  • 09:06 @ecstacy Um, please let me know if your pineal gland bursts through your forehead. And turn off the Resonator, too! K, thnx. #
  • 09:06 @warrenellis This is, of course, always good policy. #
  • 09:48 wonders if hearing songs/artists I would never have expected to hear on TV ads is another sign of the new economy (Pumpkins, Modern English) #
  • 09:50 also wishes everyone's perennial favorite William Shatner a happy birthday. Or should I have written it this way? Happy. Birthday. KEROK! #
  • 12:31 tried taking a picture of Sand Hill crane chicks, but failed due to no zoom on my phone. Now heading to Panera for lunch. #
  • 16:12 thinks a free Denon Blu-ray player with the purchase of a Denon receiver just isn't sufficient incentive. Sorry Amazon, making my $ bleed. #
  • 16:16 is now saying, "I <3 you Amazon!" Pricing things on there that are quite a bit cheaper than another "evil empire" shopping giant FTW! #
  • 16:22 @gnatty Nah! Quit being so hard on yourself--that's my hobby (being hard on myself--not you though). Okay, I'm confusing myself now. #
  • 16:37 @iLoveMusicXx Yes it is! Do you prefer it over Tiny Titans? #
  • 16:42 @tuddle That thing's even popped up during Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. Talk about weird demographic focus. #
  • 17:46 @ZippieTheLost There's nothing wrong with liking Spud. Or is there? He was decent in AvP and very good in Black Hawk Down. #
  • 17:49 @markhoppus Excellent! Who are you that are so wise in the ways of TV program(me) selection? #
  • 17:51 @darthvader Just be sure to leave your isolation chamber cracked a bit--or do your ventilators take care of any foul odors? #
  • 17:52 @briancaudill I am VERY glad to have bought XIV! #
  • 17:54 @LindseySchaal Woo hoo! AND I'll be on spring break so I can join in with my non sequitur comments. #
  • 18:06 @levarfan Present. #
  • 18:07 @dalekg When I first read about XV, I went all SQUEE! I am a HUGE fan of Big Stupid! I also like telling Danny to shut up a lot. #mst3k #
  • 18:11 @kitanaor Nanoo. "Weenie Man AWAY!" And I also love, "The Secret Government Eggo project!" #
  • 18:26 @ladiesgaming Yeah, this is a game I NEED to get. Finding time to play it is another story, though. #
  • 18:32 @eLogoContest Oh, if only I had had the RiffTrax last night. I suffered through about 30 minutes without it and gave up again. #
  • 18:34 @megnut Perhaps they feel particularly dichotomous? #
  • 18:44 @ladiesgaming Cool...EXCEPT my iPod crapped out on me last week. I'm hoping for a 120 GB Classic, but not sure. Adding it to my want list. #
  • 18:53 @eLogoContest Definitely! Must. Do. So. Soon. #
  • 18:56 is wondering how Twitterholic rankings are calculated. My followers have increased, yet I keep dropping in rank. Unknown FAIL. :[ #
  • 18:58 @moonfrye At one time, I had wished myself out of existence. At this point, I would try to convince my younger self take more risks. #
  • 19:00 @deacon_mdiv10 I wish I knew how. I never did get back to you about the mp3s. Not sure what a good hosting option would be. :[ #
  • 19:10 @kitanaor LOL @ Cal on the plane with his hat in his lap and the dialogue Mike and the 'bots come up with. #
  • 19:19 @kitanaor Thanks for the follow! #
  • 19:25 @kitanaor "There go the piano lessons. OW! I can't remember my dad!" #
  • 19:27 @kitanaor Oh, also: "Look OUT President Clinton!" and "John Sununu goes for a haircut!" #
  • 20:43 @kitanaor "Closer to the death zone, please." #
  • 20:43 @markhoppus Were those in Target? #
  • 20:46 @qoolquest Would American History X count? #
  • 21:01 @ProfTim Weekend? What weekend? #
  • 21:11 @thatbiologygeek Hey, at least you've now discovered it. Imagine having gone through the rest of life without ever having found it. #
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