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20 March 2009 @ 03:30 am
Previously on Server Monkey's Daily Twitterings  
  • 15:50 is showing off Twitter to someone that's never seen it before. Neat. #
  • 16:14 twitpic.com/2967d - just got this. Yes. I am an MST3K geek! #
  • 16:21 is finding out how creativity can lead to productivity. Won't you? I am also trying to figure out how to get MST3K XV when it's released. #
  • 16:23 @tori_vixen To say I was simply excited would be a gross understatement indeed! My cat, however, remains unimpressed. As will Rachel. :) #
  • 16:23 @ladiesgaming LOL, IKR? Yup, I found one or two out there today. Talk about joie de vivre. #
  • 16:24 @gnatty I thought Facebook was the only thing changing that was annoying people. :] #
  • 16:45 @tori_vixen If she loved me, she would understand it. Or something. #
  • 20:10 @gnatty Whoa, really?! That's messed up, as you well know. #
  • 20:11 @tori_vixen Yeah, that about sums it up about that. #
  • 20:12 @ProfTim I believe the upcoming XV makes fifteen, however, there are other releases that were single movies and not sets of four though. #
  • 22:34 reluctantly admits to filling out a bracket--with no idea of what he was doing at all. It's like a gateway to get me to watch sports. @_@ #
  • 22:36 @ProfTim XIV is only my second set. I also have MST3K: The Movie which riffs on the near classic This Island Earth. I want more though. #
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