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22 December 2008 @ 03:50 am
And now, Daily Twitterings  
  • 12:02 will be offline for a couple of days. We'll see what the Gaylord Palms has to offer #
  • 15:45 has checked in. I guess I might online after all--there's a PC in the room...weird #
  • 16:11 gets a feeling that everyone else in the hotel is tagging the connection at the same time. Time for a walk and perhaps some swimming then. #
  • 18:00 is done swimming. Now off to dinner. Well, after getting cleaned up that is #
  • 18:20 not only has to vie with the children for the computer, but the phone as well. They are using the computer to look up hotel numbers to dial #
  • 19:22 was @_@ at his swordfish at dinner. It was amazing #
  • 22:43 should have rethought the idea of going to Wal-Mart tonight--it was like hurricane preparedness bat guano crazy there! Ended up at 7-11 #
  • 22:47 @rebeccareger YouTube video? MST3K's Keeping Neat and Clean entertains me. #
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