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Quick reflections

I am curious Red(box). It's just one of those odd kind of curiousities--you know, like wanting to stick one's tongue to a frozen flagpole. I am, however, glad that A Christmas Story saved me from trying that myself. Well, that and moving away from the frozen north at an early age probably helped a bit as well.

The SNL skit I just watched was based around Hall & Oates. I cannot believe it. Not quite making my dreams come true, per se, but know you.

Quarantine is another thing that has piqued my curiosity. Unfortunately, I have run into a bit of lesson planning block--there is such a thing, is there not? I have an assignment due two weeks from this coming Saturday, and my long and drawn out Tolstoy-esque history of procrastination has revealed to me that waiting until the last minute would probably not be the best idea. A lesson that took only a few years for it to take. So, I will very likely not go see Quarantine.

Part of me now wishes I'd seen the original version of Life on Mars. I thought about it, but by the time I got to it I was way behind on the BBC version. Bah.
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