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29 June 2007 @ 04:49 pm
Updated Driver Amazement  
So, I've really been getting along with Guild Wars for a bit now. I've got three characters in varying stages of development, am part of a guild, and have been enjoying myself.

The only problem I had run into were the random BSOD and just plain lock ups. I resisted the typical Microsoft error reporting because I've typically gotten no joy from the "help" provided, if any was at all.

Anyway, after restraining myself from flinging the beloved laptop across the room and pulling an Office Space assault on it, I chose to submit the error report all the while thinking it would result in no help whatsoever. So, it returned a video driver problem and suggested updating it to the most current version. Ok, sure I thought to myself begrudgingly.

So I navigated over to Intel, updated it--which took an unusually long time since the d/l speed was between 10K and 21K per second which was odd.

After installing and rebooting, I fired up Guild Wars, and played the rest of the evening--with no lockups! Amazing what a little update will do. I'll have to see how it behaves tonight.
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