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Ugh. Saturday at work.

Cut, because of the length

We try to do as much with our family that's close by, but there's a lot of family that it makes it difficult to split time with everyone evenly. Liz and Ben (Rachel's youngest sister and her husband) are usually away every weekend, so that's that. Rachel, Abby, Liz, Ben, and I trekked to Mikasa--a local Japanese steakhouse last night for dinner.

It really hit the spot. Ben and Liz have been doing a bit with their moblogs, and I thought we'd take some pictures with their PCS phones. They both ordered some shrimp flambe type of thing and Abby's facial expression when the flames lit up was classic. She then proceeded to hide behind her hands. Poor girl was caught off guard by the fire.

Unfortunately, none of us thought to break out the phones and post the pictures on-line. We all sucked. Too busy watching our food as it was being prepared.

Afterwards, we drove home to meet Sam (Ben's younger brother) and play some Magic. I hadn't played with real cards in quite some time, and as such am a bit rusty. Poor Rachel cares nothing for the game, so she just watched some TV while we played. Abby chose to try and play, so we sat her in her high chair and let her have some spare land. She did well, for about twenty minutes when she said, "Done, daddy." She'd go back and forth between mom and us, checking in on the status of the game.

Big winner was Liz, who's still new to the game. She pretty much handled one of my aged decks that couldn't keep up with her cards. Her husband was a bit upset he was taken out first by her, but hey, it happens. No need to get upset.

Afterwards, we put Amelie in, but neither Ben nor Sam were too impressed, so they left about a half hour into it. Their loss. Rachel wasn't in the mood for subtitles, so we threw Bend it like Beckham in. I think I'll have to search for the soundtrack to it now. She really liked Parminder Nagra--who, I just realized, joined the cast of ER. I was more of Keira Knightley person, but what do I know?

Oh, and our betta fish died as well. Not quite as traumatic as when Smokey died, but still. Abby made a point of making a close examination of the thing lying down on its side, and then went about her playing.

It's probably a good thing my evenings aren't usually as busy as this. I apologize in advance for poor grammar and spelling, I'm exhausted.

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