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15 June 2007 @ 02:02 pm
$2.40?!, niftiness and a good thing  
I was patiently waiting in line to pay too much for the convenience of a Mountain Dew Code Red and a Nutty Buddy when the cashier rung up the customer in front of me. He had his fotie and a package of peanut butter cheese crackers.

"That'll be $2.40."
.: in a deep southern drawl :. "$2.40??!! Well ain't that s'posed ta be a dollar ninety-nine?" was the reply--accompanied with a look at the poor cashier like she had sprouted an invading army of soldier bugs from Klendathu.

She patiently pointed out to him that he also had the crackers and his items were taxable.

He paid and left, and I thought aloud, "He REALLY needed that drink."

I silently thought about how much I DID NOT miss working with the public.

Oh yeah, so, the Facebook marketplace and Twitter additions are pretty nifty. Nifty to me, anyway.

Before heading back to work, I had to stop off at Polka Dots, a local store that sells a bunch of cutesy stuff as well as performing monogramming on said cutesy items. On a previous stop there, I noticed three monogrammed keychains sitting in a group together. They, unfortunately, were arranged to read S T D. Today, only the T D ones were left.
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