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26 May 2007 @ 11:46 pm
So Rachel and I had free two park tickets to Universal Studios, so we decided to take a run up there and see what Abby and Jon thought.

The weather was amazingly nice--only getting a bit warm when the sun chose to peek out from behind the clouds after noon.

We decided to take Abby and Jon into the E.T. ride, figuring they might like it--and since both Rachel and I have fond memories of E.T. and all. I do have to admit here that I saw the thing no less than seven (yes, SEVEN) times at the theater.Anyway, as it turns out, Abby and Jon were absolutely terrified at the ride. Have to say, I felt pretty badly about that. Guess we could have just followed it up with Jaws or something. We chose not to, though. Barney and Shrek went over well, as did the Seuss themed area in Islands of Adventure.

At some point, there was a guy that was a spitting image of Bernard Sumner in line for Cat in the Hat. He looked more like Bernard Sumner from the 80s though, so I'm sure it wasn't good ol' Barney. Or was it? Doubtful, but I can pretend.

On the way out of the parks, there was a group named Orange Avenue playing. They weren't too bad, and managed to convince some poor soul to dress completely in orange WITH orange body paint on his face. Yup. I took a pic of it and should post it somewhere sometime.

Last night, we also went a little bit nuts and decided to order a few things from Amazon--which we've never done before. We've been looking at a replacement Fuji FinePix camera--this will be our third, as we've like the ones we've had in the past (the A101 and A205). While I'd love to save up for a digital SLR, I know that's a long way off for me. Ended up deciding to go with the Fuji FinePix s700, for several reasons. Firstly, like I said previously, we've liked the Fuji cameras we've had and this one will probably be no exception. Since we've owned previous Fuji models, we already have XD cards--which only and Olympus seem to use (feel free to correct me, though, as I very well am mistaken). Nice thing is the the s700 will take either XD or SD cards. Additionally, Amazon had a code for a free Kingston 2GB SD card. While we were at it, we threw in a 55mm UV filter (another nice little feature of the s700 is that it can accept filters and some lens adapters...nifty!), an Anne of Green Gables DVD collection, and Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition (which I have been debating over for about three months now). So, that covers anniversary and Father's Day gifts. Whew.

If any of you do some Guild Wars stuff, let me know and I'll be in touch whenever I get set up--and whenever I'm past my n00b stages in it.

Lastly, I can't believe NS13 in KoL is less than 30 days away. I am very glad to have my main character have all level 13 class skills hardcore permed.
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