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16 February 2007 @ 11:08 pm
So today was my last day of work at my previous place of employment. I think things were made easier since it is not as if I am moving many many miles away from friends for my new job.

It was an odd day, as only my department head, some student workers and I were there. About half the department called in for different reasons. A reception was held for me, and was very nice--though I must admit it is an odd thing to be the center of attention (despite liking attention...my life is filled with strange dichotomies). My day was a short one, as I was done at 1:30 in the afternoon. Despite the small amount of hours I put it today, it was really really busy.

The day was made even more odd because Rachel and I had to go to a funeral for the husband of the student intern she had last semester. On February the 12th, Shane Odell Burrus died suddenly, leaving behind his wife Tina, four sons and extended family. It was absolutely shocking, to put it mildly and to say the least. The service was very well done, but I have to say that it was absolutely heartbreaking when his sons went up to the casket to see their father. Even thinking about it while writing this is making me tear up. As usual, I cannot imagine what that family must be going through now.
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