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29 November 2006 @ 09:49 am
So...in case you've wondered  
From time to time, people may wonder what it is that I do exactly.

You now need not wonder, as there's a blog about it here. Perhaps not altogether too exciting, but there it is nonetheless.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving; our family Thanksgiving went great, with not a hint of conflict--to my knowledge, anyway. The only main thing that was even just slightly stressful was the Ubuntu installation that I undertook. Really though, even that wasn't all that bad. Haven't been able to get a wireless NIC, or a NIC period, to work, but whenever I get some more time I'll get it going. I've managed to find some drivers, so I'll go from there.

Have been fighting off a nasty cold/cough of some sort since last week. The kids had it, Rachel had it, I've got it. I get a feeling it keeps mutating and reinfecting us. I hope not, but that's what goes on in the machinations in my head.

We also went without heat or air for about a week. We had a bit of a cold snap...well, as cold as it gets in Florida anyway, so I tried turning the heat on. Afterward, I tried the A/C. Nothing. Just some slight electrical humming, but no actual cooling or heating going on. Ended up calling a local place and made an appointment for yesterday morning. While I'm thankful that the bill was not in the thousands of dollars (it was 183.03, if I recall correctly), the labor and trip costs just boggled me. Cost of the part to get everything corrected? Four dollars and ninety five cents. Yup. But, it is working, so I am glad for that.

Rachel's pretty much got all the Christmas shopping done, except for the things that we'll buy for each other. Neither of us went to any 5 a.m. riots at any of the local stores--I braved Wal-Mart for some little stuff last year, nothing big. I distinctly remember being able to maneuver very well around people since I didn't have a cart. I don't recall trampling anyone, but I do hope that wasn't the reason I was to able to move around so well. I had wanted to make a trip this year to pick up the 1 GB USB drive and SD card but wasn't motivated enough to get myself out of bed.

Speaking of rioting and trampling, I've been reading through The Darwin Awards 4: Intelligent Design this week. The library has called me and let me know that a copy of State of Denial is waiting for me. Have I mentioned how much I love our library lately? If not, I do indeed love them.

It feels like so long since I've posted, and actually it has been. It's good to do so again.

Oh yeah, hey mineral777Adam, thanks for the links, music and stuff. You're a good man, man. Great, even.
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