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21 September 2006 @ 09:35 pm
Random thoughts from today  
Have any of you seen the Insinkerator? I sat and rewound the TV spot for it a couple of times today. It's powerful enough to grind through a bunch of celery, or the top of a freshly cut pineapple, or perhaps a whole ham. Maybe even body parts. If only Stephen King had held on to The Mangler as a title for a bit longer, though I suppose The INSINKERATOR would work fine for a novella. Okay, maybe just a short story.

After a few months of just getting by using clippers that Rachel and I bought a while ago, I finally broke down (at her insistence) and got a haircut tonight. I usually find comfort in seeing the friendly blue jar of Barbicide that typically sits on the barber's/stylist's counter top. While there wasn't any sitting out, there was a similar though most likely inferior product sitting out that wasn't nearly as comforting. Perhaps it was the fact that its gray color made it look like dirty dish water, which doesn't make sense as I am quite fond of gray in my layout. Not only do I like the friendly blue color, but I like to sit and imagine barber on other barber violence--seeing as the product's name is Barbicide and all. These little thoughts keep me entertained whilst I try to avoid barber/stylist small talk, which I am terribly clumsy at. Well, it's not so much small talk with a barber per se, but just small talk period.

Rachel jokingly suggested that I should get a perm. Unfortunately, the joke wasn't as humorous to me since my mother, in a gesture of non-lovingness, actually did force me to get a perm sometime between fifth and sixth grade. I suppose I should be thankful that the idea did not occur to her later in my what passed for a social life stages. For a while there, I was known as Johnny Mathis--which didn't bother me too much...he was a singer, so that was okay by me. It didn't occur to me until some time later that the nickname wasn't meant as a compliment. My hair was MUCH curlier than Mr. Mathis' hair. I also did not have gold and platinum records to make up for my curliness.

No, I did NOT get a perm tonight.


Lastly, I finally watched From Here to Eternity--the Oscar winning 1953 film and not the 1979 made for TV mini-series (has anyone else seen that one?). Sadly, I didn't actually watch it all the way through in one sitting, but over three different sittings. While I did sit mesmerized by the thing, I have to shamefully admit that when I saw Claude Akins I thought, "Oooh, he was Sheriff Lobo in B.J. and the Bear!" Yes, I watched that show during its initial run...at least I think I remember doing so.

Okay, I'm off to pretend I'm something akin to normal.
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darlingmalivi on September 22nd, 2006 03:11 am (UTC)
You crack me up. And never be ashamed to give Lobo recognition. ;)
Michael: Crow la la laservermonkey on September 22nd, 2006 12:50 pm (UTC)
I am now imagining Claude Akins saying, "I am the MAIN MAN!"