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11 September 2006 @ 08:48 am
9 / 11  
Via stephe by way of theferrett, original entry is here

The best Idea I've heard thus far, regarding today.
O.K, so this is my September 11th post.

I heard a lady on the radio this morning with the best Idea ever.

Go out today and do something tangible, that makes the world better.

Visit someone in hospital, give blood, make a $5 donation to a charity, bake a cake for a neighbour, fix up that hole in your mother-in-law's fence, write a letter of congratulation to a Nobel peace prise winner, hand in that umbrella to lost and found, pick up litter outside your work, drop off a bundle of tinned food to the local homeless refuge, scrub off some graffiti from a wall, change the light bulb in the hall of your block of flats, sweep off the sidewalk outside your house and clean out the gutter, help Mrs Johnson across the road to carry her groceries in.

Just go out and do something. Make sure it is physical, tangible. Make the world a better place in some way. Help someone. Help each other. Make today not about the death, and destruction, and violence, and intolerance, but about the gift that you can make, yourself, right now.

Change the world.

Pass this idea around folks. Link to my (Stephe's, not mine) little spiel, or copy it into your own journal. Then make a comment (and encourage others to, also) letting each other know what it was you did today.