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Two commercials caught my eye today.

The first one was for Urine Gone. Yes, if you're living in home that is simply swilling in urine, then you NEED Urine Gone. Not only would one get the incredible enzyme action of Urine Gone, but you'll get a black light to highlight problem urine areas (the toilet that was shown in the actual commerical looked like it had a urine filled balloon flung at it--well one can only hope anyway) AND a bonus lint roller as well! Yes, Urine Gone!

Coincidentally, the episode of Dragon on Qubo this morning dealt with Dragon figuring out how to take care of his cat, which had a severe smelly yellow puddle problem.

Now, the site for NobelSmile doesn't actually have the ad, which is a real shame because the poor actress that demoed the all-ceramic crowns had what looked like fungus infected toenails for front teeth. Thanks to TiVo, Rachel and I could do a double-take and take another look at the TV spot.
Tags: entertainment, weird
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