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08 September 2006 @ 11:19 pm
Here we go...  
I think I need a little change of pace after watching this episode of Frontline (dealing with Hurricane Katrina and the failures surrounding the whole affair).

Thankfully, City Limits has finished downloading, so I'll fire it up in a bit. Still waiting on about half of Zombie Nightmare with Adam West.

I do have to admit being quite pleased with myself that I was able to remotely disconnect Terminal Services sessions that kept me from logging onto a server that I needed to get onto. Yes, Friday night fun with command line tools! Woo! And I thought I wouldn't like a command line P2P client--I HATED the Windows GUI for a piece of software I'm using.

Since I've not mentioned KoL lately, though I have been playing as always (just finished up another two HC runs for a couple of characters), it looks like there's another new familiar in the works. Found by accident, and then hidden again. My familiar curiosity is piqued.
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Current Music: Frontline: The Storm on TiVo