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28 August 2006 @ 11:01 am
Just spent $100.00 filling up both our cars, which we had intended to do anyway, but it still hurts.

We are, like the rest of our state, keeping an eye (and me with one raised eyebrow) on Ernesto.

Jon is doing well, taking his meds like a good boy. He has over the course of the weekend, head butted Rachel giving a nice goose egg AND head butted me busting my lip and causing much bleeding. Jon was not fazed by either event, though he was concerned about the blood. When he banged my lip up I don't believe he intended on doing that, but don't know if that's the same case with Rachel. I hope it isn't.

Am over 55% through getting season 5 of MST3K as AVI files. I did find a place via the official MST3K site that has DVD transfers of all episodes that aren't currently available commercially--some 154 episodes I believe. Anybody got a spare $499.99 lying around they don't have anything else to do with? Hmmm? Most likely not, I'm sure.

terranoelle14Terra is letting me borrow her Netflix copy of MST3K: The Wild World of Batwoman. I will probably be up late tonight trying to take it in.
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