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24 August 2006 @ 04:44 pm
Facebook Notes?  
It's so odd (to me) that one can import a blog into their Facebook. Thankfully, private entries don't seem to be imported, well at least they don't seem to be.

Is anyone else using this feature? Does anyone else care about it?

Snagged MST3K: Werewolf last night and queued up MST3K: Gamera vs. Barugon this afternoon before coming back to work from lunch. Next, getting the AVIs into DVD format. From what I've read and mineral777Adam's counsel, this can be done fairly painlessly. Still left to see as I haven't bought any blank DVDs yet.

Managed to get someone else addicted to KoL this week, and it was a good thing. Also finished my ninth ascension with my main character and am only missing a couple of the top level bankable skills to make my HC runs quicker (though I've been happy with finishing my most recent one in 14 days).

Poor Jonothan has brochitis and I'll have to have his script filled a bit later. He seems alright considering he had a temperature last night. Rachel took a 1/2 day off and planned to have tomorrow off, just in case. While he seems a bit more sensitive than usual, he's mostly his jovial self. Mostly.

Also managed to clog up my kitchen drain but good last night. Stupid me didn't rinse the drippings from dinner and as such all outward access was denied. Some Drano, a plunger and about forty minutes of work got the clog gone but I poured a more Drano in for good measure. I'll have to remember NOT to do that again.
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