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20 April 2006 @ 09:21 am
Childhood Survey  
1. Are you a child of the 70s 80s or 90s? Eesh, the 70s? And some of the 80s, I guess.

2. Where were you born? New York

3. If you were born in another country, how old were you when you left? Born in the U.S.

4. What city did you grow up in? NYC for a bit, then Miami.

5. Did you enjoy your childhood? I suppose so, nothing horrible happened to me, so that's a plus.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? An architect for quite some time, then a programmer. Yes, a programmer.

7. What was your favorite toy when you were little? My friends G.I. Joe toys and Transformers.

8. Name the first memorable vacation you took as a kid. I remember a trip to Busch Gardens where I was tormented by some of my mom's friends about something. Lots of fun.

9. What was your first best friends name(s)? in fifth grade, it was Corey and from 6th grade through most of H.S. it was Josh.

10. Are they still your friend? Haven't talked to Corey since 5th grade (moved shortly after 5th grade). I'd like to think Josh is still a friend, we e-mail from time to time. Seems friendly enough.

11. Who are your best friend(s) now? Rachel

12. How did you meet them? She was helping her boyfriend move into the dorm. I asked her how she liked the dorm, and then told her not to get used to it. Yeah, real charmer I am.

13. Can you name all the schools you ever attended? Kindergarten (some P.S. in Queens), Our Lady of Lourdes for first and third grade (they didn't make me go to second grade for some reason), South Hialeah Elementary for fourth and fifth grade, Biscayne Gardens Elementary for sixth grade, Thomas Jefferson Junior High School for seventh, eighth and ninth grades. North Miami Senior High School for the last bit of grades. Yeah, I did go to college, but most people haven't heard of it, so...

14. Who was your first crush? Heh, Lina...in third grade...sheesh

15. Were you a shy quiet kid or a very wild and rowdy kid? In first grade I was rowdy. After the nuns broke me, I became VERY shy and quiet.

16. When you were little what did you do for fun? Crashed my bike a lot, went swimming in the lake behind one of my homes, played street football, played assorted console systems, watched WAY TOO much TV--I swear, Godzilla, Tarzan, MotorWeek, Bob Vila, Jeff Smith and who knows who else helped raise me!

17. Were you closer to your Mom or Dad as a kid? My mom more, since I didn't really know my dad.

18. Do you have any embarrassing school stories to share? Hmmm...not offhand, that's where being quiet and shy came in handy, no one noticed much if I did something embarrassing.

20. How old did you want to be when you got married? It wasn't a thing of how old I wanted to be as much as I wondered IF I would ever get married.

21. How old to have kid? Never thought about it, and then when I was 28, it happened.

22. Were you scared of anything? Alien. Chaos (chaotic nightmares). Burning down the house (since I had to cook stuff for myself from time to time, almost did burn it down once).

23. What was your favorite class in school? All the programming ones I was in, English, Driver's Ed!

24. Did you buy school lunch or bring your own? Neither, and I have NO idea how I managed. I suppose I gorged myself at home.

25. Broke any bones or had any freaky accidents as a kid? Broke my nose when I was two or three I think. Busted up my knee in middle school, playing stick ball of all things. Lost a whole day and a half with that one.

26. Were you a meanie head? No, not really. Unless someone had it coming, and even then not so much.

27. Favorite board game of all time? Whoa, I can only pick one? Okay, off the top of my head, Battleship.

28. Did you play house or pretend to be a super hero? My friend Josh and I made a comic where we WERE the super heroes.

29. Random memory from when you were a kid? Sitting on a snowman my mom, a friend of hers and I built, shivering and waiting for a picture to be taken of me. SO cold.

30. Seriously..are you still just a kid at heart? Some days more than others. I'd rather be than not.
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