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28 February 2006 @ 08:53 am
All sorts of stuff...  
Apparently, one dog was not at all fortunate in its play in the road game. It was definitely not one of the Rottweilers I'd encountered earlier in the day yesterday, since the poor thing met its demise miles away from the previously mentioned golf cart dealership. The dog was so big that it almost took up the entire lane. Sad, to put it mildly, really.

Rachel is subtly hinting that she might want a pig--NOT a farm pig, but a cavie or Guinea pig. I'm not too keen on the idea, but we'll see. Maybe.

Played Hi Ho Cherry-O! with Abby last night. Cute little counting game. Perhaps we'll have a crack at Disney Princess Memory or Candy Land tonight.

So, uh Ray Nagin...did he seem slightly sauced or just really, really tired from a LONG six months on the Today show this morning? Just wondering. Probably just me.

Watching the news last night, it was not at all difficult to see the stark contrast between the Mardi Gras festivities and the devastation in the Ninth Ward. The people interviewed for the short piece weren't thinking about Katrina's effects, and I suppose they wouldn't be, you know? At least for a very short while. Was that Britney Spears I saw tossing out beads? Wasn't sure.

This morning, a song queued up and Abby piped up, "It's Wet It Be, Wet It Be, dad." And indeed it was...well, Let It Be, anyway, we're still working on L sounds, R sounds and other sounds, too. She's also taken a liking to Johnny Cash's I've Been Everywhere.
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