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24 February 2006 @ 09:32 am
LJ Interests meme  

LJ Interests meme results

  1. beastie boys:
    I remember Licensed to Ill just blowing up when I was in middle school. It left an indelible impression on my little middle school brain.
  2. console gaming:
    Well, this was before having Abby and Jonothan. Now, there isn't nearly as much time for this, and that's ok.
  3. family ties:
    Yeah, this was like my second family...well, probably my first family in my life.
  4. jackson pollock:
    Thanks to The Stone Roses' homage to Pollock on their self titled first CD, I was led to Jackson Pollock. So, thanks guys.
  5. monty python:
    What would I have done without PBS when I was younger?
  6. paige davis:
    .: swoon :. I'm such a sucker.
  7. seinfeld:
    What is the deal with Seinfeld? Sorry, couldn't think of anything else to write.
  8. terry gilliam:
    Refer to number 5 above.
  9. the stone roses:
    Ha! Refer to number 4 above. Very funny, these inter-related interests.
  10. you:
    Why not?

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