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26 December 2005 @ 12:28 pm
Because it seems to have a more dramatic flair to say that I am the only one at work in my office, I held off on posting anything until Travis left for the day.

So, I'm the only one at work in my office--in our Williams Hall office area, to be even more exact. There are a few things to keep me busy throughout the day, and I've just gotten the phone at my desk to work correctly again, which I suppose is good. I'm up to 83 of my possible 100 icons. I'm running out of ideas of what else to grab and use. The first fifty or so icons seemed to come easily, and now I'm not sure what to upload. I get a feeling that I'll probably delete some sometime. I wish there were a way to track how much I use icons and then be able to delete icons that I rarely use.

If I skip lunch, I guess I could leave early, no?
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Current Music: Jars of Clay - Flood (live)