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21 November 2005 @ 10:39 pm
Now that's just weird...  
Last night, there were two dreams I remembered.

The first consisted of me returning something for Rachel, but then ending up at some gala event for the release of some product or another. At my table were Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. We talked, joked, took pictures together and exchanged e-mail addresses. SO weird.

Sometime later, I dreamt about visiting a milk bar--no, I didn't have my froods with me, and there were no naked lady tables, either. Anyway, I end up there and a recent acquaintance happens to be working the bar. Despite knowing the person, I was still snubbed by all the bartenders...milk tenders? Anyway, I noticed that the person I happened to know had gone off shift, and when I tried to catch up with them, they took off as fast as they could.

Really weird, and I wish I knew what those dreams could possibly mean. Oh well, perhaps it's best not to think too much on it.

Tomorrow, the dentist and whatever else on my day off--but then I have to go in for a half-day on Wednesday. Bummer.
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias - To All the Girls I Loved Before