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05 October 2003 @ 09:23 am
Less than eight hours to go. . .  
Stayed up late last night watching Re-Animator on Sci Fi. Beyond Re-Animator was on much too late, so I've teped it--yes VHS recorded, as TiVo isn't an option. Re-Animator was a lot chessier than I remember, and a lot of the gore had to be edited out, since it was a bit over the top. I guess the decapitation was okay since it was after a certain time of night? It seems to me that I was much too young when I initially watched this movie (and From Beyond, on the same night even). When I was younger, I never caught some of the character names. Dr. Hans Gruber? hee hee Dr. Hill? Granted, it wasn't Jed Hill, but still reminded me of Alec Baldwin's doctor with a God complex from Malice. I could just be making connections which aren't really there, though.

It was tough, because Sundance had 24 Hour Party People on at the same time, and I kept flipping back and forth. That one is on the to rent list, in case Sundance doesn't run it again. It made me wish I'd been born earlier.

Ok. Back to counting down the hours until work is done.

Edit: The 24 Hour Party People I'm wanting to watch isn't the one that's at Blockbuster. I'm referring to the one about Factory Records. Damn.
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