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09 May 2002 @ 01:39 pm
Today was a good day  
I was ecstatic that Megan Morrone from Tech TV used a couple of my suggestions for her segment on The Screen Savers within the last few days. . .

I felt badly that I could not think of horrible Mother's Day presents, though many others have thought of some really awful ones. I suppose I shouldn't feel too badly that I can't think of a REALLY bad gift.

I've also secured supplemental income through the summer months. I'll be working a lot, but we need it to make up for the clerical error that my wife's HR department made with her maternity leave (they were supposed to hold back payment for those four and a half to six weeks until the summer, but they DID NOT). I've been searching all sorts of sites and such for work, but found very little. There seemed to be a promising position with EA Sports (Tiburon division) as a QA Tester, but they were not looking for anyone part-time. Fortunately, one of my previous employers is in desparate need of someone that knows what in the world is going on, so they've decided to pay me for my presence :)

I only wish I could do it from home. . .
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: The Smiths - William, It Was Really Nothing