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Well DUH! Calendar (Saturday and Sunday entries)

Popped Culture

When movie studios bankroll an expensive film, they hope to get some of their investment back by selling movie merchandise. But they couldn't do that with Titanic, a film that cost $200 million to make. Director James Cameron pointed out the trouble the studio faced trying to protect its huge investment in the story of the ocean liner that sank: "You can't do a sequel. You can't put out a Titanic toy line. And you can't make an amusement park ride out of it because people would think they wouldn't come out of the ride."

Military Unintelligence

During the Revolutionary War, when Americans fought for freedom from the British, thousands of black slaves fought in the Continental Army. But they weren't volunteers. They had been enlisted by their masters, who stayed at home out of the fight, yet received the combat pay their slaves earned.
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