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Naming this post gastronomy didn't seem quite right, so food it is.

Sushi was calling. And while it's only the local buffet's sushi, at this point, just about any sushi would do--well, as long as it seemed safe.

Today on the line they had fried bananas and sauteed dry squid. I had hoped that the fried bananas were actually plantains, but they didn't seem to be. Unless they were still green, and not quite ready to be fried. Nicely sweet taste to it, but much too firm.

Now, as far as squid is concerned, I never was too much of a fan of it. Oh, I didn't mind the bits of it that were in the paella that I used to have when I was younger. They were really small bits, and not too chewy at all.

Later on, much later on, I'd have some calamari from The Macaroni Grill, and it was fantastic. Squid and I weren't having a passionate affair or anything, but its company was welcome from time to time as an appetizer here and there, with mixed results. The Macaroni Grill calamari, however, never failed to please. Mmmm!

Today's sauteed dry squid wasn't extraordinary, but pretty tasty. Tasty enough for me to go back and get another piece or two.

I love like squid. Squidy, squid, squid. Down it goes, into my belly...

Or something.

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