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Teeth and Signs, Signs

Well, got an appointment to have my wisdom teeth out. All the other follow up appointments for root canals, crowns, and cleaning total up near $5000.00

Yeah. Five THOUSAND dollars. Oy.

Went to Taco Bell because we weren't done with everything until nearly 7:15 or so. One sign advertised Taco Bell during Lent. All items can be ordered without meat. Interesting. At the next window, there was a sign that policy prevents Taco Bell from serving drive-thru customers who walk up to the drive-thru window. Apparently, this happens often enough that a sign and policy had to be drawn up. I can, however, remember doing something like that long ago at a Burger King in Miami. Only once.

Oh yeah, and did it in Gatlinburg, but it was a walk up window--no cars allowed.

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