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It'd have been good. . .

If Interesting Drug had queued up on Winamp. Just took two generic daytime gelcaps--DayQuil, if you will. Couldn't find the generic non-drowsy non-gelcap medicine at Wal-Mart last night, but it was after 10:00 p.m. and looking around for too long was not at all an appealing prospect.

Matters were not improved after waiting in the returns line for about twenty minutes or so, only to find out that baby formula cannot be exchanged once it's left the store. I did not know that, but then again, I never had tried that kind of return before either. Anyone else ever hear of that? Or did I just look too shady and was rejected as a result?

On my way out the door to go to a Christmas get together (pictures later), Abby asked if I was going to get her a mooby (no, not a golden calf). I asked her if she had three dollars (jokingly, but we did have a late fee, at the library). She said yes, and ran into her bedroom. A quick moment later, she ran back out with play money from a Barbie cash register that her cousin gave her this week and handed me a twenty. "You nee more money," she asked. But before I could answer, she ran back to her room and came back out with some plastic coins. Obviously, I had to rent something for the girl.

This morning is Abby's Christmas party at her daycare. Every time she asked about it, it sounded a bit like she was saying princess party. While loading up the two bags, nebulizer, cups for the party, and the gifts for the gift exchange, the bows on both gifts fell off. Got a bit too happy with putting them back on and ripped a hole in the wrapping of one of the gifts.

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