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14 November 2004 @ 01:38 pm
A Shadowboxer, baby  
Fiona Apple? Haven't heard anything from her on the radio in I can't remember how long.

The last of our Netflix movies are at home. Man on Fire, A Cinderella Story, and Japanese Story. Rachel started watching A Cinderella Story while I was going through some of the Star Trek: Starfleet Commander III tutorials--some of which I failed miserably at.

I walked in a little bit after the beginning of the movie. It was alright, but I like it less than I thought I'd like Ella Enchanted. Which is to say that's bad. When I first saw a preview for Ella Enchanted, I thought it'd be pretty weak. I think the Queen cover in it changed my mind. For me, A Cinderella Story didn't have a moment like that. And while I felt something when the main character was being humiliated, I didn't care enough to be bothered too much by it.

Afterwards, we debated about putting Man On Fire in, but decided against it since it ran 146 minutes. We chose Japanese Story since it ran a mere 99 minutes. Ever since Muriel's Wedding, I've kind of liked Toni Collette. It's difficult, however, to go into too much detail about Japanese Story without giving away pretty much the whole movie. She plays a software engineer/geologist (wasn't too clear about her role in her company) who gets sent out to the middle of nowhere in Australia to show a Japanese business partner around different parts of the country. The plot twist in the middle of the movie left Rachel and I just stunned. It came out of nowhere, and for about five minutes we thought it was a joke. I still haven't decided whether or not I'd recommend it. I'll keep thinking on it.

I'm so used to seeing Dakota Fanning as a precocious little blond, it was odd to see her in a trailer for Hide and Seek as a brunette/girl with dyed black hair.

Lastly, NPR did a small bit for a band out of Seattle named Smoosh. They've opened for Jimmy Eat World and Pearl Jam already.
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Kit Kat LeNoir: schoolgirl skirtraptorgirl on November 14th, 2004 02:26 pm (UTC)
Off topic
Hey, have you heard of the bands Grand National and Kaiser Chiefs? They both seem promising. I discovered "I Predict a Riot" by Kaiser Chiefs yesterday and it's an awesome, catchy as heck little U.K. punk song.
Michael: Rorschachservermonkey on November 17th, 2004 06:27 am (UTC)
Re: Off topic
No, haven't heard those, but must search them out sometime.

Thanks for the suggestions.