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01 October 2004 @ 02:45 pm
Whew! Done, for now  
Aimee Mann - Nobody Does It Better - Cover songs are another guilty pleasure of mine. Love this one.

Alter Bridge - Open Your Eyes - The vocalist sounded so much like Scott Stapp to me. I know, I know, this is what's left of Creed, but that was my first thought though.

Anberlin - Autobahn - :( Wasn't able to play it. Never mind, got it now. Reminded be just a bit of The Cars.
Anberlin - Foreign Language - Huh, cool, some local Orlando music.

Andreas Vollenweider - Stella - Groovy, a harpist.

Ani Difranco - Shameless - I've known of Ani Difranco for quite some time, but have gotten very little of her music. Thank you!

Anthrax - Safe Home - Holy Crap! I've not listened to Anthrax in YEARS! Thanks for this.

Appleseed Cast - Losting Touching Searching - Was I born too late? I've really gotten into this one.

Aztec Camera - Jump - I love the laid back interpretation of this song. Eh, mise well jump.

Barbara Tucker - Everybody Dance (Deep House Mix) - I must dance on the dance floor, or I'll be given a ticket.

Ben Folds - Wandering - I must admit, I don't have nearly enough Ben Folds songs. My friend Nate would be extremely disappointed in me. Excellent, affecting song.

Bonnie Somerville - Winding Road - Allmusic classifies her as R&B? Doesn't seem right.

Bree Sharp - David Duchovny - The last couple of songs I've listened to along the same line as this (Amy Grant and Michael Stipe) weren't as entertaining to me as this one.

Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes - You people have picked some songs that I have liked immediately.

Coldplay - Don't Panic - Coldplay is another band that I didn't want to have anything to do with after I listened to Yellow. Man, was I wrong.

Colin Hay - I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You - I can't wait to own a copy of Garden State!

DAG - Even So - Thank you for introducing the funk.
DAG - Righteous (City Pain) - I originally thought this was going to be a Dag Nasty song. Reading is fundamental.

Dar Williams - Iowa (Traveling III) - Her guitar and vocals made me feel like I was transported back in time a bit.
Talvin Singh - Decca - O.K.

Ella Fitzgerald - One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) - Thank you to whomever sent this, I don't have nearly enough quality music like this.

Front 242 - Headhunter - I had no idea Front 242 could sound like this. Is the tag right?

Frou Frou - Let Go - Frou Frou has been on my must get a hold of list, because I trust the musical taste of the people that already love them. Must. Get. More!

Interpol - C'mere - Another group I've heard a lot about, but never actually listened to the music. I'm not sure what I thought they'd sound like.

Iron and Wine - Such Great Heights - More Florida music. Very well done Florida music, even.

Jacques Dutronc - Le Responsable - The upbeat retro sound took a hold of me.

Jamie Cullum - Frontin' - I was initially hesistant about listening to this in its entirety.

Jay Nena - 99 Luft Problems - I got 99 problems, but mixing Jay-Z with Weezer or Nena isn't one.

Justin - Smart Aleck - You Shut Mouth

Lazyboy - Underwear Goes Inside the Pants - Oddly enough, I just received this from my sup's wife as well. Reminds me just a bit of the Denis Leary commercials from way back when.

Led Zeppelin - Carouselambra - Rock!

Linkin Park - Cure for the Itch - I used to make fun of Linkin Park a long while ago. You can spew profanities at me if you'd like.

Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved - Before This Love started getting TONS of airplay, I got caught up in its catchiness. This song should get more airplay, really. People might not be so quick to write them off.

Massive Attack - Teardrop - I just love Elizabeth Fraser's vocals.

Modest Mouse - Float On - I've been enjoying this song since I heard it on Dan Stone's show one night a while ago. It was the same night I heard Deathcab for Cutie's Sound of Settling. I LOVE both songs.

Mourning September - Glorietta - This is another one that I may have to listen to a few times before I finally decide about it. Another time I listened to it, the guitar reminded me of Van Halen's Why Can't This Be Love.

Nick Drake - One of These Things First - Pink Moon was a favorite of mine for some time. Glad to have another Nick Drake song.

Nickelback - Just For - I've never been much of a Nickelback fan, but thank you for the addition to my library.

Nina Simone - Feeling Good - This brings back memories of La Femme Nikita (the movie, not the series) and it is a good thing.

Noah's Red Hand - Dig - Ah, sadly, this one cut off in the middle of the song.
Noah's Red Hand - If This is The End of The World (I want to spend it with you) - There aren't enough apocalyptic love songs. :)

Number One Gun - You Fail Sometimes - Still trying to decide about this one.

Ottmar Liebert - Verano De Alegria - A description of his music as mainstream flamenco definitely piqued my curiosity.

Placebo - Bigmouth Strikes Again - I always liked how the lyrics were updated to and her Discman started to melt for this cover.

Remy Zero - Fair - Nicely understated, the way I like a lot of things.

Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl - Heh, I thought this might have been a cover version of it, but sure enough, Rick Springfield's singing.

Rilo Kiley - Bulletproof - Yay! More Rilo Kiley! Huzzah!
Rilo Kiley - Plane Crash in C - And yet another group that I need to get many more songs from.

Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un Con - This reminded me of a French rap version of Summer in the City from a Details music mix CD I have somewhere.

Shawn Smith - Wrapped In My Memory - He's an "Admitted Prince" disciple? I've got to love this guy.

Simon and Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy in New York - Really, what can I say about Simon and Garfunkel?

Simple Minds - Hypnotised - Yeah, these guys were underrated.
Simple Minds - Somebody Up There Likes You - While this was playing, I felt like I was acting out a scene from a film.

Sister Machine Gun - Admit - Ahhhh, Wax Trax! w00t!
Sister Machine Gun - This Metal Sky - This vaguely reminded me a radio drama called Ruby. I've never been able to find that anywhere.

Six - If This is the End of the World (I want to spend it with you)

Skinny Puppy - Killing Game - While my friends were into Skinny Puppy, I'd never really listened to them all that much. I'm starting to feel old now.

Smart Aleck - Justin - This one was quite funny. Liked it more than You Shut Mouth.
Smart Aleck - You Shut Mouth - This one was okay, it made me want to get an Operation Ivy CD out, not so much because they sound like them, but the recording seemed a bit similar. Just a bit.

Soul Coughing - City of Motors - Someone's trying to convert me to Soul Coughing :)
Soul Coughing - Moon Sammy - Yeah, I think I haven't listened to enough Soul Coughing. Didn't know they could sound like this.
Soul Coughing - Screenwriter's Blues - I'm having Barton Fink memories.
Soul Coughing - True Dreams of Wichita - When I first started listening to this, I was reminded of The Orb's Little Fluffy Clouds, and I'm not sure why.

Talvin Singh - Decca - Trippy.
Talvin Singh - Vikram the Vampire - Another genre I don't have too much of: electronica. Thanks!

Tenacious D - Tribute - The greatest and the best song in the world indeed. . .
Tenacious D - Wonder Boy - Jack Black is a guilty pleasure of mine.

The Delgados - Coming in from the Cold - From reading the group name, I wasn't sure what to expect. Really, really liked this one quite a bit. I love Scottish pop. Yes, I miss Hepburn immensely.

The Killers - Somebody Told Me - I think I'm going to have to listen to this one a few times. I haven't really gotten into it, but over time, I think I will.

The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultiverse - You should see my beaten up copy of an Orb CD. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The Orb - Mickey Mars [7 Edit] - While I didn't like this track as much as the other Orb track, it was still a welcome addition to my library.

The Prodigy - Firestarter [UK Empirion Mix] - Wow, how many BPM is this?
The Prodigy - Narayan - Where did I put my Fat of the Land CD? This song wasn't ever played on the air, and that was a shame.

The Shins - Caring is Creepy - The first Shins song I ever listened to was St. Simon, and I was hooked. Good stuff.
The Shins - New Slang - Yay! The Shins!

The Sisters of Mercy - 1959 - Sometime soon, I'll make a point of brushing up on the Sisters of Mercy catalog.
The Sisters of Mercy - Colours - I remember hearing of the Sisters of Mercy, but never listening to any music from them. Thanks for educating me.
The Sisters of Mercy - I Was Wrong - Yeah, I need to get more of this.
The Sisters of Mercy - Something Fast - Processing, processing, processing. . .

Thievery Corporation - Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes - Yes, it is.
Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde - Yes!

Tori Amos - Somewhere Over the Rainbow - I've seen Tori Amos in concert no less than four times and each time has been amazing. .: swoon :.

Towa Tei - Future Listening - Wow, the music just kind of merged with everything. Quite subliminal. Oh, yeah, big ups to DJ Towa Towa. Thanks for this!

Underworld - Dark & Long (Dark Train) - Karl Hyde and Rick Smith make me wanna dance!

Unknown - I'm Not Ready - Didn't play. :(

Unknown - Musicology - Who is this? Makes me wanna go UH! (in a good way).

Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness [Original Mix] - I haven't listened to a Utah Saints song in quite some time. It was good to be reintroduced.
Utah Saints - Rhinoceros - I waiting for a rhinoceros like charge in the song's beat, and didn't get one. Still enjoyed it, though.

Van Morrison - Glad Tidings - A Morrison song I didn't have. Thanks!

Willie Nelson - Rainbow Connection - There aren't enough words to describe my love of just about any

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bang! - The first Yeah Yeah Yeahs song I ever listened to (Maps, I believe) didn't do it for me. Art Star and this one converted me over.

Yellowish - You Can't Do What You Want - When the guitars remind of Ride (even minimally), I am happy.

Zero 7 - Destiny - It is my density, er destiny to find more Zero 7.
Zero 7 - In the Waiting - I'd never heard of Zero 7 before receiving this song, and that's a shame.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Tori Amos - Strange
Mip: chaise loungemipplet on October 1st, 2004 11:58 am (UTC)
Glad you liked all the songs I sent (except the one by the Killers...I love that song!).
Michael: Cartoon meservermonkey on October 1st, 2004 01:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks for all the songs!
(Deleted comment)
Michael: Goofy Grinservermonkey on October 1st, 2004 01:03 pm (UTC)
See, now all you have to do is become ordained in the church of Soul Coughing and. . .
(Deleted comment)
Michael: Cartoon meservermonkey on October 2nd, 2004 06:26 am (UTC)

Awesome! More music, thanks!

I really like reading some of the backstory about the music you sent--must access my files as to where and when and what got me into the songs I've sent out. Looking forward to your post about music you've received.
Screw Them All To Death, I'm Sick of This Crapxforge on October 1st, 2004 12:41 pm (UTC)
I'd never heard of Zero 7 before receiving this song, and that's a shame.

You must've missed where I posted that Destiny was the most wonderful love song ever performed.

Michael: Worried Dinoservermonkey on October 1st, 2004 01:02 pm (UTC)
Yes, I believe so. And yes, it is very beautiful.
mineral777 on October 1st, 2004 01:41 pm (UTC)
Hey I will get you some more appleseed Cast and Ben Folds

DAG is white funk. They are from Holton

Jamie Cullum does a great cover of "wind cries mary" he is being hailed as britains answer to Ben Folds

Lazyboy was from me. I e-mailed it to Heather and much of the school

Thou shalt not besmirch LP

Ottmar Liebert is the man. I have loads of his stuff on TAPE

you should have all of Rilo Kiley now. if not let me know

I don't suppose I could request Killers - somebody told me and zero 7 please
Michael: Cartoon meservermonkey on October 1st, 2004 03:41 pm (UTC)
But of course, I'll have to do on Monday, though.

Thanks for the songs.
mineral777 on October 2nd, 2004 07:57 am (UTC)
any time man
Learnerlearner on October 3rd, 2004 09:24 pm (UTC)
Interesting list. I must have missed the meme. I only recently discovered Zero 7 -In the Waiting Line from the Garden State soundtrack I keep playing it over and over again. I guess I need to check out Destiny now...