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28 September 2004 @ 01:18 pm
A couple of new additions and a busy Monday and Tuesday  
We've had a couple of more people and join us at our house (though only one will be camping out there), Katelyn, Greg and Stuart (or was is Stewart?).

Full House. Very full house.

Rachel went to her new optometrist, but her dental appointment was canceled. We managed to get Jonothan in at the pediatrician's office, and were in and out within about forty minutes. He has brochiolitis, and the doctor sent a nebulizer (sp?), a script for a chest x-ray, and a script for decongestant. As soon as he got his first nebulizer treatment, he was breathing 100 percent better. The decongestant is bitter, and his little face bunched up when he got his first dose.

Well, off to start reconnecting PCs in the labs, and other places since evening classes will be in session tonight, and all classes resume tomorrow.

Oh, also, it really, REALLY stinks in the LRC, though not nearly as bad as it stinks at the dump, where we were this morning. Bleh, but the fence is OUT of the garage. Thank goodness, and thanks guys that helped out.
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