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02 September 2004 @ 09:02 am
Yeah, worried  
I don't know what to type to fully express my concern about Frances. You Florida folks probably know what I'm feeling right now.

Currently, we've got forty-two gallons of water, a pantry of different non-perishable foods, all our vehicles are fueled up, and we have some 30 AA, 9 C and 40 D batteries. What we are missing is plywood for our windows, gas for the generator (which I hope we can share with the neighbors like before), a first aid kit, and a waterproof container for documents we need to keep around (EDIT--I also forgot about all the debris in our front yard that I need to see about getting away from our house).

Polk County Schools has decided to cancel school on Friday and I am waiting to hear from the administration here at my school, as well as my supervisor at the hospital. I won't know until after her afternoon meeting at 2:00 p.m. today. The thing is, when Charley hit, there were some people that were stuck in the hospital for going on thirty-six hours. Karen knows I will not leave Rachel and the kids alone for that long a period of time. Thankfully, she completely understands and will work with me.

We called Ford Motor Credit and Kia to defer payments for next month, just in case. Rachel called Ford Motor Credit, and I called Kia. As soon as the rep heard that I wanted to defer payment, he asked why I would like to defer, and as soon as I'd mentioned that we were still recovering from Charley, he apologized and said he just realized what address was on the account.

Yesterday afternoon, in completely unrelated hurricane things to do, I went to the dentist. I had 16 films taken, and asked if I could be fitted in for a cleaning. There was bad news, however, as I'm going to have to have six teeth extracted. All of my wisdom teeth, and two of the molars right next to the bottom ones have to be taken out. My bottom wisdom teeth have come in in such a way that they've grown right into my teeth in the back. Some tooth decay is already there, and it's going to get worse. I can't wait to get it done, but I do not want to see the total cost for it. Next month, Rachel and I go to a new dental plan, one that covers a lot more, but still.

And, in more unrelated hurricane news, when I get a chance, I'm seriously considering paying the one time $12.00 fee for Adventure Quest. Achaea looks really interesting to me as well.
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Sandrawolflady26 on September 2nd, 2004 06:16 am (UTC)
I believe you can try Achaea without paying for it. I know because I'm supposed to go through the newbie start to get some ideas for our own (free!) online RPG, Geas.
Sandrawolflady26 on September 2nd, 2004 06:18 am (UTC)
Errr, new, improved, with better linking. Geas.
Michaelservermonkey on September 2nd, 2004 06:51 am (UTC)
Hee hee. Linky goodness!
dodging_fatedodging_fate on September 2nd, 2004 06:22 am (UTC)

you guys are all in my thoughts.

Be safe.
Michaelservermonkey on September 2nd, 2004 06:52 am (UTC)
Thank you.

My attempts at remaining calm are starting to fail.
dodging_fatedodging_fate on September 2nd, 2004 07:35 am (UTC)
I bet. One at a time is hard enough... I can't imagine dealing with two.

*many prayers going towards Florida and the Bahamas!!!!*
(Deleted comment)
Michaelservermonkey on September 2nd, 2004 06:54 am (UTC)
Re: My prayers are with you guys...
Thank you.

Yeah, the monkey teeth while not causing me pain yet, will hurt the wallet when I get it done.

A Level 40 AQ character? I have level envy now. :)
(Deleted comment)
Michael: Rorschachservermonkey on September 2nd, 2004 07:08 am (UTC)
Re: My prayers are with you guys...
Wow, how long have you been playing? You would own my character.
(Deleted comment)
Michael: Worried Dinoservermonkey on September 5th, 2004 08:00 pm (UTC)
Re: My prayers are with you guys...
Oh, allow me to say, duh. It helps if I read.
kathleens on September 2nd, 2004 06:52 am (UTC)
Is there anything I can do, Mike?
Michaelservermonkey on September 2nd, 2004 06:58 am (UTC)
You know, I'm not sure what to do at this point. I think Rachel's running to Wal-Mart to stock up on whatever she can find, and I've been trying to get a hold of friends in Lakeland, about an hour away, to see about getting plywood for the windows. We also have debris in our front yard that needs to be moved.

I've been trying not to panic, but I have such a bad feeling about this one, especially after our most recent experience a couple of weeks ago.

My brother-in-law's mobile home is already in pretty bad shape, and another hit like the last will definitely not be a good thing.

Thanks for thinking of us.
fl99gator on September 2nd, 2004 07:41 am (UTC)
I know it's been a while :) . . . that stinks that another hurricane is coming through, though. Also, are you in charge of/or know who is, of the Warner webpage, on the homepage frances is spelled wrong (they spelled it francis) just wanted to let you know. Hope you stay safe and well.
Michaelservermonkey on September 2nd, 2004 07:48 am (UTC)
It's good to hear from you K, as always, you've been missed.

I'll tell Scott about the misspelling.
(Deleted comment)
Michael: Jonothan and Abbyservermonkey on September 5th, 2004 08:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks man. By the end of my films, I was gagging something fierce.
mineral777 on September 2nd, 2004 09:32 am (UTC)
stay safe. dude I hope it all goes well and that we avoid Frances. we shall see good luck
show me the monkey: monkeymonkeygirldiva on September 3rd, 2004 03:15 am (UTC)
i hope like hell you guys won't be needing the forty-two gallons of water, non-perishable foods, the excess of batteries or to evacuate in the fully-fuelled vehicles.

good luck... stay safe... and i'm thinking of you all.
Michael: Worried Dinoservermonkey on September 5th, 2004 07:51 pm (UTC)
Definitely hope not. So far, so good, we're into Sunday and have been VERY fortunate so far.