June 22nd, 2005


Sure why not. . .via solledrache

1. I _________ servermonkey.

2. I want to ___________ servermonkey.

3. servermonkey is __________.

4. servermonkey and I are __________.

5. If I was alone in a room with servermonkey we would probably __________.

6. I wish servermonkey could __________.

7. servermonkey should __________.

8. servermonkey reminds me of __________.

9. If servermonkey were an animal, he would be a(n) __________.

10. One day, servermonkey and I will __________.
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People with Unique Vision

Like many elected officials, Vice President Calvin Coolidge was obliged to see a long list of petitioners daily. Still, Coolidge managed to get through his busy schedule hours before other members of the government. Coolidge explained his trick to other overworked officials: "The difference is, you talk back."
Normal and/or Annoyed

The joy of grocery shopping in the South

While at Publix today picking up some lunch for Rachel and I, a gallon of soy milk, and some of that new ice cream Dove has been advertising heavily I overheard two shopper talking to one another.

Both had heavy southern drawls and seemed to be going through their shopping list pretty well. Apparently, one of them had a coupon for an item. One asked the other, "Hey, when's that coupon go off?" I immediately thought I should shriek in terror at that fact that their coupon could possibly go off in an explosion of grocery savings that could very well injure me and other innocent Publix shoppers. Then I realized what the person meant to ask was when the coupon expired. Sheesh.

Publix has a little cooler of discounted frozen foods that are priced as marked, and I will take a look in it from time to time. I've never bought anything, but I look regardless. Today some signage blocked the not quite as cheap as they could be items. Well, at least I thought it was signage when in actuality it was a recent copy of Low Rider magazine with a sultry half naked blonde looking semi-seductively (that, or really bored and ready to be done with the "shoot") at me. Really, why put too many vehicles in that thing? Up the count of half-naked women so circulation increases.
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Goofy Grin


A short while ago, ubiquitous_tTony had Nitch come in to my office and ask me a question.

"What's PWNED," ask Nitch.

I showed him the Wiki entries on l33t and pwn.

Apparently, by the Printing Services office, where the sign that reads Printing Services hangs, someone had written in big letters, PWNED.

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