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22 July 2004 @ 10:25 am
Tired, yet content  
After many delays, and not knowing what was going on, flight 1425 from Pittsburgh finally made it to Orlando International Airport. I did not leave home until a little after five, since the most recent arrival time posted on U.S. Airways site indicated an arrival time of 6:48 p.m. Traffic on the way was horrid, and I was really sleepy on the way to boot. I know it's bad when I'm moving my hands in a running motion--followed by slapping myself in the face a bit. Not too hard, I had no safety word, and I didn't want to hurt myself.

Going around the terminal felt somewhat like the slowest NASCAR race ever--or I guess being under a flag, perhaps? OIA is in the process of redesigning, and doing some stuff to the tunnels--at least in Terminal B. This is okay, though, because after Alex's incident in the tunnel in Irreversible, I'm not too keen on tunnels. I imagine it'd be a bit difficult to be scared when a large brightly lit mural of a manatee is there as a witness. Could be frightening in the right situation, though. So, made into the outside gate area at about 6:35 p.m., so I took a look around inside Borders, but didn't see anything I wanted to buy--I was actually in search of some gum. There was another shop on Terminal A that at least had those little Listerene things, Certs, Mentos, and all sorts of candy bars and such. Certs would have to do--fresh breath is a priority in my life? Actually, I should have brushed my teeth after my Gorton's fisherman lunch. No idea what I was thinking.

I was sweating it a bit, because it was a quarter after seven, and there was no sight of them. According to the board, the flight was due in at 6:48 p.m., like the website read. While the board updated the status of other flights, with the normal messages, At gate, Incoming, On time, Delayed. All the typical messages. Flight 1425's information never changed. Under its status column, it read 6:48 P.M.

So I sat down beside the board and waited. It was fortunate for me that the A/C vent hit the spot I was sitting in directly. It's starting to get hotter around here lately, and all the rain fronts have made their way to other places. Eventually, Rachel, Abby, Jonothan and Lindsey walked through the tunnel from the monorail between the terminals and the gates. Abby was a bit groggy since she'd just woken up from a nap--she fell asleep a few minutes before takeoff and woke up just before landing. Jonothan was out--and stayed that way until about half an hour into the drive home, when he woke up hungry. As we were walking out to baggage claim, I looked back at the board, and the column still read 6:48 p.m. just as it had before.
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