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I didn't think I could enjoy a children's show like I've enjoyed Arthur on PBS and PBS Kids lately. The most recent entertaining bit was a 15 minute story introduced by Arthur visiting the set of "The Altos"--the Arthur universe version of The Sopranos, obviously. He went on to introduce the person that control the beep sound effect button, and then there was a conversation, heavily bleeped, between Tony and the guys. Really quite funny. So, the story continues on with Arthur's younger sister D.W. hearing a swear word, and eventually being told by friends that it'll reduce parents into a zombie like state where they will do your bidding. D.W. is conflicted and unsure whether that is really true, until she blurts it out, to negative effect, of course.

There are other things, for example, Koko Taylor and Taj Mahal (who I was unaware of before) were on the episode immediately before Bleep. The Harry Potter series is also included--though the name of it on the series escapes me--as are other things. Cheers, PBS!

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