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I was taking a look at my face while getting ready for work, and felt a little bit like I went through some sort of transporter malfunction. You know, like on the Mirror, Mirror episode from Star Trek?

Walking through the mall food court yesterday, I amused myself wondering if the Little Tokyo food place and Chinese Combo King food place had food wars of some sort. I mean, they're right next to each other, so there's bound to be some fast food animosity. My bet is on Chinese Combo King, I mean, they're the KING, right? They are cheaper, too, I think. Heh, a mall food establishment triad has probably been put together as well.

Did I mention how much I appreciate trillian42Trillian today? Gmail seems to be down for the moment, but I'm sure it will get resolved shortly.

Huh, I've rated 900 movies on Netflix.

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