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Yay! Tina Fey!

I guess Mean Girls did well over the weekend. I can be sure that I won't be going to a theater to see it, but would possibly rent it sometime. Perhaps.

This morning, in addition to making sure online students are where they need to be, I've been tinkering with AIMutation. Sarah Lane of The Screen Savers showed it as a Download of the Day, and one of my co-workers has been praising it since last week. Apparently, the webmaster said that 545 Studios is an offshoot of Cerulean Studios, but I can't back that up, really. I'll take his word for it for now.

It was weird that FX ran From Hell yesterday evening, since we chose to watch our DVD copy of it after Abby went down for a nap about two in the afternoon. Rachel mentioned the we needed to continue our Johnny Depp collection on DVD--I took it as a hint that I should've bought Pirates of the Carribean. The only Johnny Depp movie in our VHS collection that I could think of was Ed Wood, but Rachel was convinced that we had others. Abby had a busy afternoon at a pool party with some friends, she and I, are quite a bit more brown than we were when we walked down to the party. Poor Rachel was glad that she got some color, though it was more pinkish than brown.

Have I mentioned that I've got Abby saying spaceship and Enterprise? We were watching an episode of Next Generation one night, and she asked, "Where spaceship go?" I explained that the people were in the spaceship. "Ooooohhh."

Also, am now on to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. My most vivid image of it is Peter Davison playing the Dish of the Day in the BBC's production of it. For some reason, I never felt he never got the love from Dr. Who fans. I tried to give him a chance, and was fine with him taking over after Tom Baker, was it? Doesn't mean anything, though, does it?

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