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Hmmm. I don't think so. . .

EARTH is your chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You?
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That doesn't seem like me at all. . .

Father's Day treated me well, despite having to work at the hospital. On Friday, Rachel and I took Abby to see Dora the Explorer Live! at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. Unfortunately, Ticketmaster didn't let us know that we'd need a ticket for Abby, despite making the effort to ask the manager.

We were not allowed in, since Abby had no ticket. We walked around to the box office and bought a $13.50 ticket. Apparently, this happens a lot with Ticketmaster. It is somewhat that we weren't sold a $32.00 ticket for Abby, which is most likely what they would've charged us. Despite that minor annoyance, we got in, got some snacks, and the rest of the night went well.

Funny thing was the contrast between the Dora the Explorer Live! crowd and the Vagina Monologues crowd. We didn't go see that. I would've been up for it.

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