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It's a slow Tuesday

And I'm quite happy about it.

Oh, there are minor little fires to put out here and there, but nothing that anyone's getting all worked up about. This is a good thing, because one of my memory sticks is going bad. I keep getting errors copying and pasting in Word more and more regularly today. A few weeks ago, playing Age of Mythology became an impossibility, since my PC would just crash and subsequently reboot in the middle of a game. There were also some frequent lock ups in the middle of browsing, listening to music, or whatever that I used to be able to do without any problems before. At least I'm closer to figuring out what's up.

The bad thing about the memory gone bad is that there isn't a really efficient way for me to test the sticks, other than pop them out one by one and run them in other systems and see what crashes, and what doesn't. It's like an electronic version of hide and seek, I suppose.

I felt absolutely incompetent yesterday. While trying to help someone figure out what had happened to her file, I kept forgetting that Mac mice only have one button. Fortunately, that wasn't held against me, and neither was the lock up of not one but two separate Macs. It just wasn't a good Mac day, I suppose.

Hmmm, the dullest weblog in the world?

NPR ran an interesting story about boycotting products and its effect to the American economy. Real media or Windows Media Player 9.

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