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18 January 2005 @ 03:31 pm
A desktopJust a bit. Man, I really need to clean off my desktop.

Real one, and virtual one.

Guess that will alleviate the boredom.

Or create an altogether new mutation of it.
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: The Shins - Caring Is Creepy
mineral777 on January 18th, 2005 10:58 pm (UTC)
dude. how do you do that? my desktop is clean save 2 icons the recycle bin and my earthlink icon. My earthlink Icon actually doesnt even have anytext around it it is simply the icon. I renamed the icon to the asciii character for space. I did this because I thought it was junky. No,I do not OCD much
Michaelservermonkey on January 19th, 2005 12:44 pm (UTC)
I think LJ does picture hosting for paid LJ members, so it was easy to set up.